Body + Soul | Interview with Professor Eric Chung

LTR Pharma Scientific and Clinical Advisor and consultant urological surgeon, Professor Eric Chung shares insights with Body + Soul to discuss the correlation between performance anxiety and infidelity.

In this latest feature, Professor Eric Chung, unpacks the effects of cheating on both partners (the cheater and the cheated) and provides guidance for navigating the aftermath and recovery.

Please find an excerpt from the article below:

“According to leading urologist Professor Chung, who is also a scientific and clinical advisor for LTR Pharma, infidelity jolts the brain, particularly the amygdala, our built-in emotional smoke alarm, into a fight-or-flight response. This surge can unleash stress hormones like cortisol and significantly damper sexual performance.”

Erectile dysfunction and sexual health issues can occur due to a number of external factors, including infidelity, and LTR Pharma is committed to providing awareness and education in this field.

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