First patients dosed for SPONTAN® bioequivalence clinical study

LTR Pharma is pleased to announce the commencement of patient dosing in the Company’s pivotal bioequivalence clinical study of SPONTAN® nasal spray.

The clinical study will assess the relative bioavailability of SPONTAN, a novel and proprietary PDE5 nasal spray treatment for ED. This first-in-kind nasal spray will be compared to oral administration of Vardenafil, a widely used PDE5 oral tablet and is designed to highlight the innovative nature of SPONTAN in the field of ED treatment.

LTR Pharma Chairman, Lee Rodne, said:

“The Study is off to a great start, and we are grateful to the participants interested in entering the study. SPONTAN nasal spray represents a potential paradigm shift in the treatment for erectile dysfunction and is a promising disruptor to the global blockbuster PDE5 market, offering a discreet and efficient treatment alternative. We are excited to bring this key innovation to men worldwide.”

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