Livewire | LTR Pharma – ED & the need for speed

LTR Pharma and SPONTAN have been featured on Livewire Markets in an artucle titled “ED & the need for speed.”

In the article, author Thomas Schoenmaker of Alpine Capital presents the market opportunity for innovation in the ED space, and how LTR Pharma is placed to take advantage of this position with SPONTAN.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The market is still enormous. The flagship branded drugs generated US$3.8b in 2020 alone, and taking PDE2 pills is by far the most prevalent solution for ED (96% of mkt see report HERE).

LTP’s market cap at $0.64 is A$42m (tradeable) and A$86M (fully diluted). More appropriate is to price in US$ which is US$27.7m (tradeable) and US$56.7m (fully diluted). 

Pending trial results, Spontan could be the best innovation in the ED market in over 20 years, and possibly the leading product in terms of speed, minimal use of the drug, and reduced side effects. It is not a stretch to say there is scope for that to be worth more than the current market cap in US$ terms.”

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