Men’s Health Australia | Interview with Professor Eric Chung

LTR Pharma Scientific and Clinical Advisor and consultant urological surgeon, Professor Eric Chung was recently interviewed by Cayle Reid at Men’s Health Australia to discuss external factors that can influence performance in the bedroom.

Professor Chung commented:

“Sex is about emotional and physical satisfaction, and both factors can play a significant role in our sexual well-being and performance in the bedroom. External environment factors that affect your hormone levels with increased cortisol and adrenaline from stress and/or anxiety such as certain dietary intake (aphrodisiacs), bad relationship dynamics, altered sleep patterns, and recreational activities (vaping, gaming, and pornography) can greatly affect our ability to engage in sexual intimacy and enjoy sexual satisfaction.”

At LTR Pharma, we are committed to providing education and awareness on the prevalence of erectile dysfunction and the need to remove stigma too,

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